Live Chat Software Features

Live chat software offers more than just chat. Push links to visitors, co-browse with online shoppers, and learn how they found your site. Interact with web site visitors and give them the assistance they're seeking. Request A Free Trial

What Is Included With Live Chat Software

Ability to have multiple operators (agents) watching site
Monitor your web site with one or more operators. Create operator accounts as needed and control the web sites they're permitted to monitor. Operators can chat privately between themselves.

Multiple web site capability
Monitor multiple web sites and see where chat requests are coming from. One operator can manage multiple web sites, and multiple operators can manage multiple web sites. Our live chat software is flexible enough to be configured to your customer support needs.

Manual and automatic "invites"
Ask web site visitors if they need assistance by sending them an invite to chat. Displays as an 'eye-catching' floating image that can be accepted or declined. Invites can be configured to send at a specified time, or sent manually by the operator(s).

Customizable "invite" requests
Choose whether you want to display a generic 'chat now' image or a chat invite box containing custom text you specify. Very useful in sending personalized invite requests based on what the visitor is viewing on your web site.

Chat images with proper status shown
Allows your web site to include 'chat now with an operator' images. It automatically displays a different image based on whether the customer support agent is available or unavailable. You control chat acceptance status within the web-based console, and chat image changes take effect instantly.

Chat images can be customized
Use our default online/offline chat images or use those designed by you. You can also choose to show an 'offline' image, or no image, when all your operators/staff are offline. The chat window 'logo' can be customized as well.

Chat live with visitors using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
Visitors will see the padlock icon in their live chat browser window letting them know the conversation is encrypted.

Multiple languages supported
Web site visitors automatically shown chat form questions, and floating chat invites, in their native language. We can also add additional language support for free (contact us to learn more... Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, and Vietnamese support recently added).

Customizable server and operator interface
Create and configure operator accounts, add web sites to monitor, configure canned messages, and more! All done through our web based console - no "operator" software to install locally on your computer. Use any web browser and computer to access easily.

Push functionality
Using live support software you can enter a URL into an input box and send ("push") the link to a web site visitor, resulting in their browser going to that address. This is very useful if you want to help them find a particular web page on your site.

Co-browse technology
Follow along with visitors while they go through your web site with the help of an additional browser window that shows what your customer is viewing. The customer support agent co-browse window changes as the visitor changes pages.

Audio and visual notifications of chat requests and chat messages typed
When a website visitors clicks on the 'chat now' image, you'll be notified via sound and visual notification within the operator console. Sounds will occur even if operator console is minimized. 'System tray' (taskbar) notification (for those operators with/without external sound) is also available.

Block abusive live chat sessions
Troublesome web site visitor abusing your 'chat now' feature? Now you can ban/block those visitors with the click of a link in the live chat software. They'll no longer be able to initiate a chat with an operator, and other operators will be notified of the ban.

Geo-location (Geo-IP)
IP Address, domain Name, and city/state/country of origin will show for each individual visitor entering the web site. Useful in terms of advertising, and helpful in detecting possible fraud.

Chat history
See all your previous chat sessions on the 'Reports' page. Easily follow up with customers by reviewing chat conversations made with your operators. 'Chats per day' bar chart offers valuable insight into how often the live chat service is used.

Live web site monitoring
See information about your visitors, including how they arrived (search engine, blog, advertising, banner, etc.) and what path they've taken through (web pages viewed - "footprints") -- all in real-time.

Canned chat responses
Create custom canned responses to use during live chat sessions. This makes it easy to send your responses quickly and easily.

Smartphone application
Accept chat requests using our free Google Play application for Android mobile phones. Never miss a chat from your visitors using this application over the cellular or wi-fi networks.

Visitor message center
When all operators are offline, or are too busy to accept a chat, visitors have the option to 'leave a message'. All operators will receive notification of the message and can easily view it via the operator console.

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Who Uses Our Live Chat Service

E-commerce Web Sites

Automotive Dealerships

Technical Support Web Sites

Web Hosting Companies

Web Design Companies

Search Engine Optimization Companies

Call Center Businesses

Live chat is an excellent way to convert browsing web site visitors into buyers. See what it can do for your business today!

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