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Resell Live Chat Software Services!

(Existing resellers can log into the reseller control panel here)

Interested in reselling subscription-based "white label" hosted live chat software services to your clients/customers? It's simple and here's how it works:

* Click the FREE TRIAL button at the top of this web page to receive a free live chat service account. Implement the chat coding on your web pages and thoroughly test the service so you can see how easy this live chat service works. If you're satisfied with the service and want to become a reseller contact us with your live chat account "username" and we'll configure it for access to the web-based reseller control panel. The control panel allows you to add/edit/delete domains, departments, operators, and more.

* With the free trial, you'll notice the operator console and visitor chat windows have "" in the URL. As a reseller, we'll provide you with a "custom" operator log-in page and chat coding that will NOT have our domain name shown -- it will be an IP ADDRESS you can point your domain/sub-domain at (via DNS), giving the impression the chat service is run by your business.

* For each domain you add through the "reseller" control panel, you'll be given special HTML coding to give to your customers -- the tracking code that allows live chats and real-time monitoring of web site visitors. The tracking code will not reference "", allowing you to use your own domain/sub-domain name.

* Your customers, acting as the "operators" (customer support staff answering the live support chats), will access a hidden web-based authentication page branded with your logo/colors. The operators can accept chats and send invites-to-chat for incoming web site visitors via the console.

* Want to sell additional value-added subscription services to your customers? Offer to manage the live chats for them. As a reseller, you have the option to provide your customers with a username & password for the operator console (so they can manage their chats) OR you can manage their support chats for them!

* You will be responsible for the billing/invoicing of your customers for using the live chat service, as well as provide all technical support. We won't have any contact with your customers, and only bill you a fixed amount of $5 USD/month per domain added in the reseller control panel. This allows you to resell live support services to your customers by marking up the price (where competition prices average $10-$50 USD/month).

This "white label" configuration gives the impression you are operating your own hosted live help software services. We don't put our name or "powered by..." anywhere on your reseller live chat configuration. You can add your own logos to customize the authentication web page, and even point your domain/sub-domain at the operator console.

This is a managed hosted live support service for businesses/individuals. "Managed" means we take care of the live chat server software, upgrades, and maintenance. "Hosted" means you (and thus your customers) don't need to install server software. This is the most competitive offering available as all other providers want thousands-of-dollars-per-month and limit you to a fixed number of domains that can be added.

There are no long-term commitments; billing is per month and you can cancel any time (cancellation must occur at least 5 days before the next monthly renewal, at which point services will end after the month has expired).

If there are options/features you'd like added that will help you sell this to your clients, let us know and we can try implementing them. We want you to be successful in reselling, and will work with you to make this a useful service for your clients.

To get started click on the FREE TRIAL link at the top of this web page. Once you've fully tested the free trial, contact us letting us know you want to be a reseller.

If you have additional questions regarding reselling live support software services contact us (using the "reseller" email).

Who Uses Our Live Chat Service

E-commerce Web Sites

Automotive Dealerships

Technical Support Web Sites

Web Hosting Companies

Web Design Companies

Search Engine Optimization Companies

Call Center Businesses

Live chat is an excellent way to convert browsing web site visitors into buyers. See what it can do for your business today!

We are committed to providing top-quality hosted (and white label) live chat services to our customers. If you're not happy with our live chat service get in touch with us and we'll provide an added month of free use or give you your money back. It's your choice.